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Charging Kit Instructions



1) Connect batteries to 9 volt interface assembly.

2) Insert USB charger into socket, blue power light will glow.

3) Insert phone charging cord into USB charger.

4) Place phone in “airplane mode” to maximize charge and speed charging.


1) Conecte las baterías al conjunto de interfaz de 9 voltios.

2) Inserte el cargador USB en el zócalo, la luz de encendido azul se encenderá.

3) Inserte el cable de carga del teléfono en el cargador USB.

4) Coloque el teléfono en "modo avión" para maximizar la carga y acelerar la carga.

For best results use fresh Energizer Ultimate Lithium 9 volt batteries or equivalent. Ultimate lithium batteries have a 10 year shelf-life. Duracell Alkaline 9 volt batteries or equivalent may also be used. A single battery will work, but amount and speed of charge will be limited. (When batteries are exhausted and charge complete, phone will typically repeat “charging tone”).

Note: After batteries are exhausted, and no longer able to charge phone...blue light on USB charger may still glow.
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