"Better to HAVE and not NEED...than NEED and NOT HAVE". - Franz Kafka

Benefits and Features


-Uses Ordinary 9 Volt Batteries -Compatible with Lithium and Alkaline batteries.

-Supplies up to 98% Charge in 3 hours. (Lithium batteries)

-Compact for purse, glovebox, or jacket.

-Powers phone immediately to make emergency calls.

-Kit includes USB charger that works with  9 volt batteries, or car cigarette  lighter.

-Safe, low voltage system.

- Blue power indicator light.

-Provides lifeline to connect with loved ones or emergency services.



Power Outages                         Hiking                                   Boating
Earthquakes                             Camping                               Fishing
Hurricanes                                Mountain Biking                  Kayaking
Tornados                                   Skiing                                   Golfing
Ice/Snow Storms                     Cycling                                 Sporting Events
Field Hospitals                         Backpacking                        Horseback Riding
Plane/Bus/Train Travel            4 Wheeling                           Hunting
Dirt Bike Riding                        Concerts                               Festivals


When your phone goes down, and you have no power available,…this just may be YOUR last resort.


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